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Fab-Tech is a Custom Manufacturer of High Quality,
Precision Sheet Metal Components

Laser Cutting Aluminum up to .25" thick Mild steel (HR of CR)
up to .75" thick 
Stainless steel up to
.250" thick

  Punching & Stamping 3/16" Aluminum 11 gage Mild Steel 16 gage Stainless Steel Copper & Brass, Plastics
& Composites
Amada TurretsKomatsu Hydraulic Stamping Presses
Precision Forming Amada & Wysong Press Brakes Sectionalized tooling
for variety of forming operations
Up to 100 ton capacityUp to 10 ft.
  Value Added Services Powder CoatingPrecision Welding Plating & Anodizing Printing &
Silk Screening
Hardware Installation Kitting & Assembly

At Fab-Tech, our facility is a one-stop shop incorporating primary processes such as cutting/punching and forming as well as secondary processes such as welding, hardware installation, powder coating/painting, and printing. We brought these secondary processes in-house in order to have complete control for quality and timely delivery purposes. Additionally, our geographic location with its relatively low costs of operation and a large pool of skilled labor allow us to provide a very high quality service at a reasonable cost. Our twenty-plus year reputation is built on that service.

Telecommunications Medical Equipment Security High Tech Military/Defense Transportation Law Enforcement/Public Safety Oil/Gas Industry Vending Machines
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