Manufacturer of High Quality Precision SHEET METAL COMPONENTS


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Fab-Tech Inc.

Metal Manufacturing Services - a Division of White Rock Manufacturing

At FAB-TECH. INC., our facility is a one-stop shop incorporating primary processes such as cutting/punching and forming as well as secondary processes such as welding, hardware installation, powder coating/painting, and printing.

We brought these secondary processes in-house in order to have complete control for quality and timely delivery purposes.

Additionally, our geographic location with its relatively low costs of operation and a large pool of skilled labor allow us to provide a very high quality service at a reasonable cost. Our twenty-plus year reputation is built on that service.

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Industries Served

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Switchgear, central office components, call center equipment, power systems

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Medical Equipment

Imaging, physical therapy, exam beds, etc.

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Baggage/cargo scanning equipment, commercial emergency exit systems, building surveillance

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High Tech

Silicon wafer manufacturing equipment, custom power supply components

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Various components for defense contractors

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Mounting panels, etc for electrical/electronic components used in mass transit systems

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Law Enforcement/Public Safety

Mounting systems for video recording and communications equipment, security panels for windows, partitions, etc.

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Oil/Gas Industry

Pump drive control cabinet components, chemical injection systems, monitoring equipment enclosures (doghouses)

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Vending Machines

Cabinet wraps, doors, internal mechanical components